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Get Involved
We’re with you! We share the Democratic values that are most important to you. Personal freedom. Respect for human rights. Respect for the environment. Respect for Democracy!

We need your help to get out the word – get out the vote – bring people together – organize - support great candidates –and get Democrats elected in this County! It can be done! County-wide, registered R’s outnumber us by a little over 1,000 and their lead keeps shrinking. 

There are dozens of ways to volunteer: campaigning door-to-door, phone banking, letters to the editor, lawn signs, hosting parties…or you might have a special skill that you can contribute to the cause. Even getting one more friend to vote makes a difference. 

Your contributions help us to build the party infrastructure we need to regain our majority in the House and maintain our majorities in the NYS Senate and Assembly. And, our special focus, to get Democrats elected in Putnam County government and all of our towns.

We welcome you to the Putnam Dems team!

Which activities interest you?

Please let us know below!